About Jai

Jai Martinkovits Portrait

Jai Martinkovits was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He brings together a well balanced mix of academic, business, sporting and social interests. A well rounded person, he is respected in a diverse range of circles.

Jai's formal training has been primarily in the Information Technology sector, graduating with a Bachelor of Computing, majoring in e-Business and Business Information Systems.

With a strong sporting passion, particularly for Tae Kwon Do, Jai has trained under World Champion, Master Bren Foster.

Jai's keen interest in travel has taken him to many places within Australia, but also Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and New Zealand. Both at home and abroad he has demonstrated a unique ability to relate to people no matter what their walk of life.

Holding strong views, but tolerant of others, Jai is always willing to engage in debate and ready to be persuaded where he is wrong. Conservative by instinct, he embraces the Burkian principle that society is a partnership, a partnership between those living, those who have gone before us and those yet to be born.

Jai believes that we must keep those parts of our heritage which have served us well, and only change those which are clearly shown to be in need of change.

Accordingly Jai is a strong supporter of our constitutional system - our crowned republic - and our Australian Flag. He has been appointed National Executive Director of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

Jai is also Executive Director of CANdo.org.au, an organisation dedicated to preserving, protecting, and defending our individual rights, freedom, and traditional values.

In 2011, Jai was invited to join the Conservative Leadership Foundation Advisory Board.

Having appeared regularly in the television, radio and print media, Jai's opinion is often sough on a variety of matters. Some of Jai's opinion has been sought by the Chinese community, circulating through recognised sites such as 'The All China Writers Federation'.

Jai Martinkovits